Since 1979


The first vintage of Avia was released in 1979 and every vintage that followed has been an opportunity to improve on what was done before. We are focused on keeping healthy and sustainable vineyards to produce the best possible grapes. It continues with efforts in the cellar with the aim of producing wines that are the best examples of each grape variety. Our efforts over the last 40+ years have been noticed: Avia regularly wins medals on different competitions such as Chardonnay du Monde France; Decanter World Wine Awards, United Kingdom; and Best Buy Wine Enthusiast.

AVIA Pinot Grigio 250 ml

The Avia Pinot Grigio in can is an environmentally friendly and durable packaging option that preserves the wine’s freshness. The lightweight but sturdy aluminum cans are easily recyclable and can be taken to places where glass bottles may not be allowed, such as at the beach, camping, or on a hike. Additionally, the single-serve option allows consumers to control their alcohol consumption and the cans are sustainable and don’t break, making them a convenient and safe choice for enjoying wine on-the-go.

Production method

The story of our Avia wines starts in the vineyards of our winegrowing families, who cultivate the vineyards for them according to sustainable production principles.
The grapes we use to produce our Quercus wines are carefully selected, pressed, and then sent to production under reductive conditions, with minimum oxygen. The must is chilled to 8 ˚C and needs two days to settle. After 48 hours, we decant it and leave it to ferment at 14 ˚C. The entire process takes place in a stainless-steel container, where the wine is in constant contact with lees, stirred according to the battônage method.
After that, wines mature under the watchful eye of our leading oenologist Darinko Ribolica. White wines are left in stainless-steel tanks for 6 months, while red wines take a little longer to mature in large oak barrels.


These contemporary wines, characterized by full and fresh flavors, are perfectly described in the words of our oenologist Darinko Rebulica: “This is a modern type of wine, which is popular in the West, mainly in England and Western Europe. They are appreciated for their pure fruitiness with no complex additives. When you open a Quercus wine in a good company, you will not stop at one glass.”

Age Restriction

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