Slovenia & Goriška Brda

Our wine-growing region

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Have you heard of the magical land in the western part of Slovenia, nestled halfway between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea? We call it Brda.

It is a hilly landscape where we created our homes, farms, and vineyards. Come and visit us, we will be glad to have you here.

Its favourable climate and the mineral soil called “opoka” make Brda a synonym for dry white wines. However, our advanced know-how along with the daily endeavours of our team of oenologists and agronomists enables us to produce internationally awarded red wines with rich aromas.

Our Story

Until the end of World War II, when the Brda hills were split by a border separating Yugoslavia from Italy, the region had a particular feudal system called Colonate. Under this system, farmers cultivated small areas of land and wine was produced in the cellars of 17 castles, owned by foreign nobility.

Locations of vineyards

Our terraced vineyards are situated on demanding steep slopes, often requiring manual cultivation. These conditions produce wines of outstanding quality perfectly depicting the story of their origin. Our family vineyards cover over half of the Brda wine-growing area. They are planted on different locations, carefully selected by our team of skilled agronomists and oenologists to suit each individual variety.

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