Filling up your life

Our wines tell the story of the unique Brda hills and family vineyards. The winery unites four hundred families, cultivating vineyards on steep slopes and producing grapes of the highest quality. Their dedication to nature and tradition gives life to wines that will fill up your life. Their dedication to nature and tradition gives life to wines that will fill up your life.


Our wine-growing region

Have you heard of the magical land in the western part of Slovenia, nestled halfway between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea? We call it Brda. It is a hilly landscape where we created our homes, farms, and vineyards. Come and visit us, we will be glad to have you here.

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Our vineyards

Where it all begins

We believe that quality starts in the vineyard. In our everyday commitment to sustainable production, we produce wines with respect to nature and our winegrowers. In doing so, we achieve long-term economic success and give you a lasting satisfaction when experiencing our wine story.

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Our winery

Wine horizons

We are the leading producer and exporter of Slovenian wine. When tasting our wines, you join the company of wine lovers from 26 different countries all over the world, appreciating the quality, variety, and accessibility of our brand. Allow us to become your favourite winery.

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Wine-making families

Heroes of the vineyards

The story of Klet Brda Winery is the story of 400 wine-growing families. In Brda, viticulture has been a way of life for a long time. Almost every family here cultivates a small vineyard with cherry and olive trees growing beside it. The dedication to the land is deeply rooted in the hearts of the locals and their love can be felt in every glass of our wine.


Sustainable production

There are no vineyards without nature, and no future without vineyards. By cultivating the land in a professional and responsible manner, our winegrowing families have reached a sustainable harmony with nature and ensured their stable future.

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