Our wines

We offer you a wide selection of wines, in which we captured the sun-kissed marly hills of Brda and its strong, light, and fresh character. Choose your favourite wine and become a part of our story.

Since 1979


We are focused on keeping healthy and sustainable vineyards to produce the best possible grapes. It continues with efforts in the cellar with the aim of producing wines that are the best examples of each grape variety.

New design


The grapes for Colliano wines are grown sustainably, with no irrigation, harvested by hand, and vinified to express the richness and complexity of our terroir.

Gastronomy line


The wines from the Krasno line highlight the characteristics of our extraordinary winegrowing region. Fresh and fruity, they pair well with different dishes and can be found on the shelves of the finest restaurants. This line pays tribute to the village of Krasno, situated on higher grounds, where vineyards planted on steep slopes produce superb wines.

Premium line

Bagueri Superior

Our premium line of wines is named after Count Silverio de Baguer, the last owner of the Dobrovo castle and a great producer and connoisseur of wines. Matured in oak barrels, the Bagueri Superior wines are extremely rich and evoke the specific character of the individual vintage and terroir as well as the personal note of the oenologist. The full flavour of these wines reflects the mineral Brda soil and the Mediterranean sun, while their fresh aromas are reminiscent of the nearby Alpes and the Adriatic Sea.

Modern-style wines

Villa Brici

Perfect partners for all types of events – from relaxed parties with friends to private dinners – they are at their best when paired with good company.

Villa Brici

Sparkling wines

Sparkling wines commemorate the most important moments of our lives. We drink them to celebrate a birth of a child, a graduation, a wedding, to mark special milestones, to start a new year, a new job, or a new decade.

Sparkling wines

Fritz, Slovenia’s first aperitif

Enjoy the simple and spontaneous moments in life. Have a glass of our carefully formulated Fritzz aperitif and relax with your friends after a busy day.

de Baguer

Single Vineyard Motnik

In search of the highest quality, Slovenian winegrowers have, in the recent years, also started to look for vineyards which not only meet the general quality requirements, but also reflect the special identity of the site or the vineyard.

Motnik Single Vineyard 750 mL

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