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Due to hot and dry weather, harvest in Brda will start earlier this year.

Usually, regular harvest would start in the beginning of September, this year, however, it will begin in the last week of August. This was caused by extreme weather conditions, which manifested in dry spring followed by dry and hot summer. Although vine is relatively resistant to drought, these extreme conditions have affected it, nonetheless.
In such extreme circumstances, we can truly see the significance of sustainable production and adequate allocation of vineyards. Sustainably cultivated and properly tended vineyards situated on right sites, where soil was prepared with an adequate amount of organic matter, have better withstood this year’s drought, and will suffer less loss and provide grapes of better quality.
We are faced with a harvest like no other before. We expect that this year’s vintage will be significantly smaller in quantity. The family vineyards of Klet Brda will bring in 4,000 tons of grapes, which is over half of the normal annual amount. The quality of the 2022 vintage looks promising, however, the weather during the harvest may still affect it. This year’s buying in prices will be higher by a quarter.

We stared harvesting grapes for base wines of sparkling wines of Pinot Noir on 18th August 2022 and then moved on to Chardonnay for sparkling wines. Our regular harvest is to start on 25th August. At Klet Brda, most of the harvest is expected to conclude by the end of September, however, late varieties and some other specialities will stay in the vineyards until the beginning of October. Although we are usually happy to have a dry fall in the vineyards, this year, some rain would be greatly appreciated, as it could still help late varieties recover.
At Klet Brda, we are convinced that visits from business partners are one of the most important marketing leverages that an export oriented Slovenian company can have, as the reality of winegrowers from Brda, who cultivate their vineyards on steep slopes, is inconceivable for many foreigners. It is only after they experience our harvest first hand and feel the pulse of the locals, that they can truly appreciate our wines. With that insight, they can present and sell our wines in their countries even more successfully.
From 2nd to 6th September, we will host a group of distributors from the United States and after that exporters from Poland, Serbia, and Italy. In October, we are expecting a visit from a group of buyers from Great Britain. In fact, we have especially high expectations for the later visit since Great Britain has proved to be one of the fastest growing markets in the recent years.

The results are in for the 48th National Wine Competition Vino Slovenija, which took place in Gornja Radgona Slovenia.

With 2 champion titles, 5 gold medals, and 15 silver medals, Klet Brda has reaffirmed the consistent quality of its wines. Excelling at this year’s competition, was Cabernet Sauvignon Bagueri 2018 which was awarded the highest title of Champion. Among the wines with the highest scores are also Chardonnay Bagueri 2018 and Rebula Bagueri 2019, recipients of gold medals asserting the premium quality of the Baqueri line, which year after year excels at domestic and international wine competitions, receiving the most medals.

Cabernet Sauvignon Bagueri 2018 impressed the evaluators in Gornja Radgona with its deep ruby red colour with purple hues, distinct aroma of blackcurrant, plum jam, cocoa, and chocolate, and a velvety full-bodied taste with sweet tanins, which combined with  the aroma of vanilla create an extremely harmonious and complex wine. Grapes for Cabernet Sauvignon Bagueri 2018 were picked manually in terraced vineyards with SW and SE position. Fermentation took place in French barriques barrels. The wine then matured  in French barriques barrels for at least 24 months.

Awarded wines:

Cabernet Sauvignon Bagueri 2018 – Champion


Chardonnay Bagueri 2018 – gold medal
Rebula Bagueri 2019 – gold medal


Pinot Noir Quercus 2019 – silver medal
Pinot Grigio Ramato Bagueri 2020 – silver medal
Merlot Quercus 2020 – silver medal
Krasno White blend 2021 – silver medal
Sauvignonasse Quercus 2021 – silver medal
Pinot Grigio Quercus 2021 – silver medal
Rebula Krasno 2020 – silver medal
Chardonnay Quercus 2021 – silver medal
Quercus red selection 2020 – silver medal

Pinot Grigio Ramato is perfect for wine lovers who expect more from their Pinot Grigio.

This wine is produced with a special method, which gives it its unique copper colour, called by Friulian locals “ramato” (rame is Italian for copper). Ramato refers to the production method unique to the Pinot Grigio variety, which was developed in the middle of the 19th century, in Italy. Produced in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region for over centuries, this variety has, as one of the first international varieties, found its second home in Brda.

Pinot Grigio is a white variety, which derives from Pinot Noir, but differs from it with its unique greyish pink skin. After being pressed at the winery, grapes are left in contact with skins for 2 days. This maceration gives the wine its tactile texture, richer and fuller taste, and coppery hues. Because of its specific structure, this wine can be paired with different dishes, such as prosciutto, seafood, white meat, and Asian food.

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At this year’s 19th Decanter World Wine Awards 15 of our submitted wines received a medal which is an amazing success. Our wine Rebula Bagueri Superior 2018 received 95 points and was awarded a GOLD MEDALIn addition, we received bronze and silver medals for 9 of our brands (A Plus, De Baguer, Krasno and Quercus), a medal for wine Krasno Sauvignon Blanc / Ribolla Gialla which we sell in the UK market and also for wines of Schumacher brand. With this success Klet Brda affirms its constant quality not only in the premium segments but also for wines which are fresh and easily available.

Each medal is its own story, however in international business consistent wine quality is that one important asset which sets wineries apart. Each year our wines win high medals at all important international wine competitions which is a proof of their consistent quality.  Each bottle of our wine is the result of devoted work from our farmers, members of Klet Brda cooperative, and our team of cellar men and winemaker.


Awarded wines:

Rebula Bagueri superior 2018


A plus belo 2017
de Baguer Merlot-Cabernet Franc 2017
Single Vineyard Merlot 2018
Krasno Sauvignon Blanc-Ribolla Gialla 2021
Schumacher Cabernet Franc 2018
Schumacher Pinot Noir 2018
Krasno White 2020
Rebula Quercus 2021
Pinot Grigio Quercus 2021


Bagueri Sauvignon Blanc 2019
Krasno Red 2020
Schumacher Sauvignon Blanc 2021
Quercus Red Selection 2020
Pinot Bianco Quercus 2021

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