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2021 harvest promises exceptional red wines

This year, we have produced 7,100 tonnes of grapes, not much less than the expected annual yield, which amounts to 7,500 tonnes.

The 2021 vintage will be of high quality. “This year, the quality of both white and red varieties is above average. The region of Brda is known worldwide as great for white wines, while sites for red wines need to be selected more carefully to ensure adequate characteristics. Varieties like Merlot and even more so Cabernet require longer ripening to fully develop their aromas, which is why we harvest them last. This year’s sunny, dry, and warm fall was ideal for red wines, which will boast an intense colour and soft and matured tannins. It looks like we might have a vintage as great as the one from 2013 or even the one from 1983,” says Darinko Ribolica.

This year, we started harvesting Pinot Noir and Chardonnay for sparkling wines on 2nd September, while the regular harvest began on Tuesday, 7th September, and will end on Tuesday, 12th October, when the last grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc will be picked.

This year, the overall annual price will amount to EUR 0.60, which is over 15% higher than last year’s. The price for a kilogram of grapes will range from EUR 0.40 to EUR 1.10. The grapes grown on the best sites, which reflect the vineyard’s special characteristics, will be priced at EUR 2.00 or higher.

What does Single vineyard label mean?
In search of the highest quality, Slovenian winegrowers have, in the recent years, also started to look for vineyards which not only meet the general quality requirements, but also reflect the special identity of the site or the vineyard. To prove how important winegrowing location is, we can use the example of the Motnik Single Vineyard Ribolla from the Lisičke vineyard, which last year scored 95 points and received a gold medal at the British wine competition Decanter world wine awards.
Single Vineyard Motnik 0,75 L

“Single vineyard” does not have a uniform translation in Slovene, but it refers to an individual or independent vineyard. This term is used increasingly and all over the world. To understand what it means, we referred to the wine expert Dušan Brejc, who provided this explanation:
“Just like “terroir”, which is a French term for common influences of sites and people, vineyards and vintages also contribute significantly to the unique and every year different, but high, quality of wines. Everything else, from the choice of varieties to the used technologies and even knowledge, can be replicated anywhere. From the economic, environmental, and social point of view, it is important to single out vineyards that produce grapes for high-quality wines with protected geographical indication, which comprehensively reflect the environment of their origin. “The taste of vineyard” is a metaphor which is nowadays understood as “a sense of place”. To ensure the credibility of these efforts, it is crucial that the existing viticulture and wine legislation defines this English term and finds a Slovene equivalent for it. For the sake of winegrowers and consumers.”


Single Vineyard Merlot

This year, Merlot Single Vineyard 2018, aged in our De Baguer cellar at Dobrovo, was added to our selection of premium wines. The grapes for this wine were grown in the Vrh vineyard in Vipolže, a terraced Merlot vineyard, grown on marl soil, which has been cultivated according to the sustainable production principles for a decade. Situated on a sunny location, this carefully tended vineyard is 22 years old. Only 1 kg of grapes grew on one vine. One batch consisted of 1,775 bottles. The exclusively manual harvest took place on 29th September 2018. Production method: As soon as the grapes were harvested and brought to the cellar in crates, we removed the stems and started the 15-day maceration in a small wooden vinificator at 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. After the maceration and fermentation, we poured the wine in French barriques and left it to mature for 24 months. For this we used 40% of new barrels. The wine boasts a deep ruby red colour with a hint of purple. It smells of ripe berries, oriental spices, balsamic note, and tobacco, which is complemented by the vanilla taste. The wine’s full and balanced taste is fresh and warm and has a long and velvety finish.



We have asked Caroline Gilby, British Master of wine, to assess it and this is how she described it:
“This part of Europe offers an exceptional growing site for Merlot. The warm Mediterranean sun allows the grapes to fully ripen, giving the wine rich aromas of berries, mainly blackberries and raspberries, which are complemented by the elegant secondary notes resulting from the maturation in oak barrels. In addition, the cool breeze from the Julian Alps gives the grapes a pleasant freshness. All this contributes to a wine that subtly expresses the intense fruity aromas of blackberries and blueberries, perfectly balanced with soft tannins and vibrant freshness. It is an elegant interpretation of Merlot and its vineyard, which is here to stay.”



Slovenia is a traditional winegrowing country with a rich wine history. Slovenian winegrowers are participating in the promotion of Slovenia and its gastronomy by organising wine festivals, wine routes, wine tastings, harvest events, St. Martin’s Day, etc. At the winery, we wish to present our varied and rich tradition to visitors from Slovenia and abroad, so that they can truly understand why Brda and our wines are so exceptional and worth their time. Last year, we opened the Home of Rebula wine shop at the Dobrovo castle. A great starting point for exploring the Brda region and Brda winegrowers from both sides of the border, the wine shop offered visitors an innovative way to experience 21 different Ribolla gialla wines from 13 winemakers from Slovenia and Italy.

This year, we are expanding our offer of activities at Klet Brda. We listened to the wishes of our visitors, who wanted more authentic experiences with higher added value. When travelling or visiting new places, people search for unique stories and new experiences in which they can actively participate (more adrenaline, feelings, emotions). As wine tastings are already a well-established concept, we decided to showcase our tradition and wine culture in a wider, more innovative manner. In collaboration with Enigmarium, one of the leading providers of gamification of tourism products in the Alps-to-Adriatic region, which creates boutique, gamified, and individual activities, we have designed the first wine themed escape room in Slovenia. The guests start their experience by entering the Winegrowing gallery of Count Silverio de Baguer, who at the end of the 19th century greatly contributed to the development of viticulture in Brda. We designed the gallery together with Goriški muzej to ensure that we playfully depicted the true history of Count de Baguer and his winegrowing story. The game provides a real winegrowing and viticulture adventure, and we are convinced that this hour-long travel through time will provide our visitors with an unforgettable winegrowing experience.
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