Happy St. Martin’s day


At Klet Brda we are proud to announce that the quantity of this year’s vintage is very good while the quality is superior, which is why we were really looking forward to meeting with you today, our business partners and customers, at the occasion of St. Martin’s Day to celebrate this year’s exceptional harvest and vintage.
However, the current epidemiologic situation once again does not allow for a traditional St. Martin’s Day celebration, which is why we had to cancel our traditional event. We value your health above anything else and we are sure that soon we will be able to safely gather over good wine and food again.
Nevertheless, we want to bring the spirit of St. Martin’s Day into your home, where you can celebrate this holiday with your closest loved ones. With this in mind, we prepared a short video presenting the characteristics of this year’s vintage, traditional customs of Brda at St. Martin’s Day and the cuisine we prepare for this special day.

Happy St. Martin’s Day!

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