Stari Bunar

Stari Bunar

Bagueri Superior wines feature in several upscale restaurants all around the world. At the 30th anniversary of this superb line, we visited Stari bunar, a great family restaurant in Belgrade, Serbia, which has been serving our premium wines for several years now. Stari Bunar is a restaurant that intertwines modern splendour with classical Serbian tradition. Boasting exceptional gastronomy, the restaurant is known for its reinventing of the “olden days” dishes, such as lamb, veal, dishes prepared in “sač”, goat meat, “pogača”, and pies, and delighting its guests with great flavours and exceptional wines served in a pleasant family ambient. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Bagueri, they prepared an exquisite lamb dish and paired it with the excellent Ribolla Bagueri.

Restaurant Stari Bunar

Ozrenska 12,

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