Orange wine from Klet Brda is taking over the United States

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Why Krasno Orange impressed so many wine lovers in the USA?

Krasno Orange is a unique orange wine that our oenologist Darinko Ribolica prepared from three varieties typical of the Brda region – Ribolla Gialla, Malvasia, and Sauvignonasse, each of them requiring different production method and maceration time. Ribolla Gialla was macerated in oak barrels for one year, while Malvasia and Sauvignonase were only macerated for one month in stainless steel containers. Each variety brings different characteristics to the wine, which makes Krasno Orange stand out among our other white wines. Krasno Orange is a rich, complex, and structured wine with a specific and intense aromatic profile. Because it is macerated, it contains more tannins, which protect the wine and contribute to a very long shelf life. This wine can be aged from 5 to 10 years, and we expect it to become softer and more harmonious with time. It pairs perfectly with Asian cuisine, which is known for its intense and spicy flavours. We recommend you serve it with sushi, pad thai, chow mein, bulgogi, and other Asian specialties.

Our oenologists have been interested in white macerated wines for a long time, especially those from Ribolla Gialla, the indigenous variety of Brda. Their modern approach to a traditional production of Ribiolla Gialla, macerated for 10 months, resulted in Single vineyard Motnik 2014. In the light of the great results and positive feedback from our customers, we decided to continue our story of orange wines. In 2020, we introduced to the market our macerated white wine, which we named Krasno orange because of its intense orange colour. In the USA, the wine is branded as Krasno white wine with maceration. It was launched in 2020 and shortly became available in the 36 states, in which we have a distribution agreement. We noticed that the demand for macerated wines in the USA is high. These wines appeal to wine lovers in trendy cities, such as New York, Seattle, and Los Angeles, as well as in Atlanta (Georgia) and Montgomery (Alabama).

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How are orange wines made?

The answer is simple. Orange wines are wines produced from white grapes using the method for producing red wines. The key step for producing red wines is maceration, which is why orange wines are also known as macerated white wines. To produce white wines, we destem the harvested grapes and press them into must, which is then fermented separately. Orange wines, on the other hand, are produced like red wines, which means that after destemming grapes, must and grapes are poured into special containers, where must is fermented together with skins and seeds. This process, which can last from one day to a year, is called maceration. While the must is fermenting, skins and seeds are releasing compounds, which give colour and flavour to the wine. Therefore, orange wines have more tannins than white wines and are in this regard more similar to red wines. After maceration, grapes are pressed, and wine or fermenting must is separated from the skins – pomace. Wine then continues to ferment or age in wooden barrels or stainless-steel containers. The process of producing orange wines is longer than the one used to produce fresh white wines and is performed at higher temperatures. This is reflected in the structure of orange wines, which are richer in taste, more structured, and significantly different. Along with the primary fruity notes, we can sense secondary and tertiary notes of honey, almonds, dried fruit, and other ripe notes, which contribute to the nice complexity of these wines.


Colliano white wine with maceration

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